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What to Donate to a Thrift Store?

Donations don’t always have to be money. Next time when you are in the mood of cleaning your home and wardrobe then please pack the items that you don’t use now and put them in the local thrift store. Most resale shops are run by unpaid volunteers, and the profits are directly donated to charitable organizations. Items you don’t need might help fund dinner at a soup kitchen, tutoring for schoolchildren, or college classes for a single parent. 

Not sure what to give? Don’t worry I will be telling you some of the items that you can donate in a thrift store any time and without any hesitation. 


Skip the clothes that are too worn and not in a good condition and pack the ones to donate at a thrift store that is not worn much and is in very good condition. Also, festival clothing, snow boots, winter clothes, swimsuits, and ball gowns are all outstanding donations. These special garments are often unaffordable for families under strict budgets and when these items are donated and are made available at a thrift store then it makes a perfect buying for them.


Thrift shops like to receive basic daily furniture. Donated tables, chairs, sofas, double sofas, bed frames, clean mattresses, and coffee tables can help people build new houses at affordable prices. Make sure the furniture is strong and clean as no one wants to buy an odorous sofa or a shaking table.

Household Appliances

Look around your kitchen and check for all duplicate or extra appliances which you don’t use anymore. If you received a new blender on your birthday then please send the old blender to a thrift store. While bringing appliances to the thrift store, make sure that they are in good working conditions and have all parts, including safety features. Electrical appliances that are in high demand include washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, toasters, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, televisions, and electric stoves.

Baby Supplies

Newborns seem to grow clothes within a few weeks, and toddlers discard toys after several uses. Send these necessities so that another parent can make the most of them. Before putting all baby products in the store, they should be disinfected or packaged in their original packaging. If you donate a baby crib or car seat then please check the national recall register online to ensure product safety.

Frames and wall decor

You can also donate any type of frames or wall decorations that you no longer put on your wall so that it can become a good deal for the person who will be buying it in the future from a thrift store. Frames and wall decors are sometimes very costly if you buy them from a normal store so many people who can’t afford them tend to buy them from their local thrift stores.


Books can be a very amazing item to buy from a thrift store for the people who are very fond of reading books. So if you have books in your home that you no longer read, it is just kept in your cupboards then you should donate them to your nearby thrift store.


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