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What are the Best Foods for Your Healthy Smile?

As we all know that our dental health depends to a large extent on our oral hygiene. However, our diet and diet also play an important role in the health of teeth and gums. Here is a list of the best foods you can eat to keep your teeth and gums in good condition. 


Cheese is one of the best foods to keep a healthy smile because it contains a lot of calcium, which is essential for the health of the teeth. In addition to calcium, cheese also contains casein and whey protein, which can reduce demineralization in tooth enamel. A research report released by the American College of General Dentistry stated that eating cheese can increase the pH of the subjects’ oral cavity and reduce the risk of tooth decay. It is believed that the chewing required to eat cheese increases saliva in the mouth. Therefore, you have enough reasons to include a lot of cheese in your diet. 


Another high-quality dairy product that can keep you healthy and smiling is yogurt. It is high in calcium and protein and contains bacteria (probiotics) that are good for gums. If you decide to add more yogurt to your diet, choose simple yogurt without added sugar.  

Dark Green Leaf 

Dark green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach are rich in minerals and vitamins, which are great for your oral health. They are high in calcium and can form tooth enamel. In addition, they also contain folic acid, which has many health benefits. According to MedlinePlus, it may treat gum disease in pregnant women. Finally, the high fiber content acts as a natural toothbrush when chewing. 


Fish and other seafood are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Omega-3 fatty acids are excellent in reducing inflammation and are related to the fighting against periodontal disease. On the other hand, vitamin D can help the body in absorbing calcium, so minerals can play a role in protecting and strengthening the teeth. Therefore, if you want to maintain a healthy smile, you should consider adding seafood to your weekly diet. 


Apples are perfect for your mouth because they are rich in fiber and water. The act of eating an apple produces saliva in your mouth, which flushes away bacteria and food particles. Add an apple to lunch so that you can scrub your mouth well after the meal. 


Nuts are rich in protein and help in strengthening and protecting your teeth, so they are very useful for your oral health. Like vegetables and fruits, the chewing of nuts helps stimulate saliva production. Saliva can not only clean teeth, but also neutralize the bacteria that cause tooth decay, so it is very useful for your dental health.  Also, don’t forget to add sufficient water to your diet. Water is very useful for you because it not only moisturizes your entire body but is also very beneficial to your teeth and gums.  If you have any questions or concerns about diet, please feel free to contact your dentist and get helpful advice. 

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