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Thrift Store Shopping Tips For Beginners

This year, I promised not to buy any new clothes, but that doesn’t mean I stopped shopping! I go shopping in second-hand stores almost every month to update my wardrobe. Earlier, I used to think that the second-hand store is a bit frizzy and overwhelmed which can’t be regarded as a real choice for shopping. Now, since I promise not to buy new products this year, I had to test and learn some serious game-changing strategies by myself to solve the problem of second-hand clothing stores.

In fact, I have tested the shopping strategies of these thrift stores among multiple friends whom  I brought shopping, and as a result, every one of my friends finally left at an incredible price! I’m not only talking about basic retro band T-shirts, but also about incredible designer coats, shoes, blazers, dresses, and denim. If you want to be a better technology in the field of second-hand shopping, please continue to read my tips and shopping strategies: 

1) Inventory

Before shopping (old or new), it’s best to take a look at the stock that you currently have in the closet. What is missing? What needs to be replaced? Do you already have too many things? Take 5 to 10 minutes to evaluate these questions. This will keep your mindset clear. 

2) Purchase one department at a time

I always shop in the order of “difficult to try” like shirts are usually the hardest to wear, and wallets or coats are the easiest to wear. The shopping order that never fails for me is

  1. Dress
  2. Pants
  3. Shorts
  4. Shirt
  5. Coat
  6. Wallet/Sunglasses/Jewelry/Accessories

3) Keep an open mind

When you shop in every department of the store, don’t be afraid to take out some “different” items to try! Since adopting this strategy, my wardrobe has become very interesting (and dare I say…more fashionable?). While scanning my favorite basics on the shelf, I also try to pull some colorful items or trendy cuts. If everything is at full price, I usually don’t grab these cuts.  

4) Try everything

I know its a very difficult task. Trying on old clothes is not always fun, but when you buy blind products, you will regret 9 out of 10 times. But many thrift stores don’t have good return policies (if any), so it’s beneficial to try first before buying as it only takes a few more minutes to try every cloth. 

5) When in doubt, take a selfie

If I try a product that I like, but I am not sure about 100% uncertainty, I usually take a selfie of the front and backside in the changing room. Then, I put the item in a pile of items that may be “suspicious”, and then continue shopping/trying on. After trying all the steps, I looked at my “maybe” picture and became real to myself. If I am still unsure, I will send these selfie pictures to my mother or a few friends and will ask for their honest opinions.  

6) Ask yourself, do you like it? 

Don’t waste time thinking about “definite” projects. Only buy if “yes”-your closet real estate value is too high to store less. 

7) Ignore the price tag

I know this sounds strange, but please ignore the price tag until the end of the shopping trip. You can shop easily, so nothing should be too crazy and expensive. Before trying anything else, don’t let the super low price of the product make you like it more. 

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