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Thrift Store Gems That You Can Cash In On

I will be guiding you to find the best items in a thrift store. Thrift shops can be a wonderful mix of both rubbish items and treasure. Some of the treasure items are: 


Pyrex, a retro heat-resistant glass bowl that has a classic look that has the power of attracting modern chefs. These have a very high demand (especially with tableware) and can be sold well on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. 

For second-hand dealers, fortunately, grandchildren may just want to get rid of Pyrex by cleaning up or reducing the size of relatives’ homes, and then send all the matching second-hand goods to second-hand stores. 


Most of the tableware discarded in your local thrift store is cheap and worthless. However, if you are a lot into thrifting then you can learn how to recognize pure silver flakes that occasionally fall into the tin. It may be just a fancy fork or spoon, but if you find enough quantity, you can melt it to get a tidy sum. Like the old-fashioned Pyrex, you know what real silver is when you walk into the store. Learn on eBay’s forums, or watch excellent YouTube videos of those who benefitted by thrifting silver. 

Vintage globes

Hey, is that city visible on that cool retro globe? Old-fashioned globes are the simplest to be found in thrift shops, and you can find dates, as the world’s geopolitical order is reorganized, the borders will be redrawn on it. 


 You can also find some vintage books that were so good at that time and still have so much demand. You can easily find some of the popular books such as Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code” (Da Vinci Code) owners and their casual paperbacks. However, if you know what you are looking for, there will be many treasures on those shelves. If you know an author well then you can put his or her books in your mind. Or you can also visit special book websites to take references. 


University textbooks are expensive, which makes it a very smart move to buy from a second-hand store. Tip: Go to a thrift store near a large college or university, and use a website or mobile app to see if the book you found is still an A+ purchase or not. 

Vintage board games

If you are hunting for games then vintage board games may be an interesting item to buy from a  thrift shop. Popular culture and TV-themed games are particularly popular among certain fans. I spent a lot of money to repurchase the “mystery dating” of the 1970s, which was full of comical stereotypes about dating.

Please visit gaming websites to see if the game that you found is garbage or a treasure. But please note: board games are meant to be played very hard. If you want to win the resale then please avoid missing pieces, damaged boards, and tape boxes in the game. 

When talking about board games, please pay special attention to the old Scrabble games. When you find a copy of an interesting text-making game then doesn’t worry too much about the condition of the box or board. On the contrary, please check whether it has classic wooden alphabet blocks. 

Scrabble tiles

Even if you are not a natural jewelry manufacturer, these tiles can easily be turned into jewelry, and you can also sell them to people who pay more attention to craftsmanship. (Mahjong tiles can also work and are even more beautiful.)

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