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Secondhand Shopping Is On The Rise So 5 Thrifting Hacks

The latest report from the resale retail website ThredUP shows that one-third of women were economical last year, and 40% of young people aged 18 to 24 did second-hand shopping in 2020 alone. ThredUP found from statistics collected by its own shoppers and market research company that the second-hand resale market is growing 24 times faster than traditional clothing retail, and is expected to double from US$20 billion to US$41 billion by 2022.

77% of millennials prefer to buy products from environmentally friendly brands, while 35% of millennials are more into thrifting because they are worried about the waste reports. Further in this blog, I will be referring to five frugal skills to practice: 

Buy jeans with raw hems.

Don’t judge by the bottom line of the jeans; just make sure it fits your waist. Don’t worry about the hem. Right now, the raw hem is inside. If it’s boot cut pants and it looks really outdated, then you can cut four inches from the bottom and leave the hem unfinished. It will surely look more fashionable

Check the hardware.

If you find your favorite jacket, jeans, belt, or wallet, always check the zipper and belt buckle to make sure they are not defective. It is always advisable to make sure things everything is fine. These are small things if ignored can cost you a major loss. Also if you like a particular defective item and feel it is worth bringing to the tailor then ask the store manager for a discount. There are many thrift stores that give 10% to 20% discounts on damaged items.

 Raid the jewelry section.

Add brooches, pins, and buttons to make a $5 denim jacket or cheap retro T-shirt. Broaches are actually very expensive. Globally, their prices range from $20 to several hundred dollars. Pay attention to the unique, sparkling items as they can modify the simple jacket that you might buy at a thrift store. You can make it look more expensive by adding accessories.

Buy it and try it. 

Most thrift stores have a return or resale policy. So if you like things like fur coats, but are not sure whether it will suit you or not and whether you will be satisfied with your buying or not then you can easily bring it back or resell it.. Also, in many resale stores, If there is a buyer’s regret, even if there is no return option available then also it can be sold back to the store.

Bring new sole to old shoes.

The idea of ​​buying someone else’s shoes can be a bit creepy-especially with sandals or no socks. However, if the purchased item such as a pair of leather boots is really great, please clean it professionally and put on a new sole to that shoes. This is a very good idea as you can buy that shoe that caught your attention on the first look only and just because of hygiene issue you were in a doubt whether to buy that or not. By using a new sole you can use it without any fear.


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