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Latest Women’s Style Trends You Can Find at A Thrift Store

  • Looking Back Cowboy

In the past ten years, skinny jeans have dominated, but next year is expected to bring some new denim style trends. The best part is that everyone has something. With a variety of styles to match the runway, in terms of denim, it seems that modern and fashion trends will be easier than ever. To be sure, thrift is the way to deal with these backward denim trends and fill your wardrobe with a new and exciting catalog.

  • Vintage wine

Many fashion brands are designing retro-style jeans. However, to get a truly upgraded look, you must shop in thrift stores. There is also a front seam this year, with stitches extending along the front of the leg. Combining straight legs and a high waist, you can definitely grasp the trend of vintage denim.

  • Boot cut and flared

The denim silhouettes of the 60s and 70s are making a comeback. Embrace your inner Donna Pinciotti and let your jeans splay outward at the bottom. Although this trend may not satisfy all fashionistas, many designers have already joined. 

  • Distressed

Bad denim will be bigger next year. Consider a high waist, straight or tight figure, and a perfect tear at the knee. In addition to the daily appearance, the designer also matched the old denim with chic tops and exquisite suit jackets to bring a sense of fashion to the ragged jeans. 

  • The evolution of sports

The two-piece sportswear is the new weekend yoga pants. This trend of chic comfort is not just for leisure time. Some designers are matching sweatpants suitable for work with brand-name shoes and elegant uppers to create a sporty and casual look suitable for the office.

  • French Girl Cardigans

Simple, refined, and chic. Every French girl likes classic cardigans in her daily dress. Now, this trend is gradually permeating the American wardrobe. The trick to this look is to wear the cardigan on the top, not the second layer. Keep the buttons beautiful and small. Button it all the time, and then stuff a skirt or a pair of jeans into the cardigan to get the look of a real Parisian cardigan.

  • Lots of Leather

Incorporating leather into your daily appearance will become a trend in 2021. Especially wearing in unexpected ways, such as using tops instead of coats or headbands instead of purses. Genuine leather and leather-like materials add elegance to the clothing, and it doesn’t look like a fashion show. Since leather has been a trend for many years, it is easy to score a good pair of shoes or a beautiful new handbag in a thrift store.

  • Two-Piece Suits

In 2020, the return of women’s two-piece suits is hot. This year, the suit is here. This trend is particularly interesting because you can try various patterns and colors that can greatly express your personality. No matter what you want, you can get a discount at the thrift store to find an original suit that can last a whole year.


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