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Important Dental Habits for Parents and Teens

Implementing good oral health habits in life such as brushing your teeth twice a day can keep your smile from being plagued by plaque. Both good and bad oral health habits begin at an adolescent age. As a parent, teaching your teen about dental care can save them years of costly trips to the professional dentist in the future. Did you know, one out of every five adults fails to take care of teeth, including a third of men? For adults who have already lost their natural smile, remedies are available to get it back. Rather than wait for a dental emergency, you should contact the dentist in your area and bring your children along with you! While you’re at it, check out these five important points for you and your teen.

Brush Daily

Brushing your teeth twice daily helps to prevent tooth damage by removing the transparent layer of bacteria that coats your teeth. Tooth decay can also lead to the creation of black holes in your teeth called cavities. Once a dental cavity is formed, it can lead to the loss of a tooth or it can create a lot of pain and you can visit the dentist on a regular basis. Make sure your toothpaste purchase contains fluoride. Fluoride is an active component in toothpaste that helps to prevent cavities. Furthermore, brushing your teeth helps to prevent bad breath. If your teenager is worried about their dream date to prom, remind them about the importance of proper dental hygiene.

Fix crooked smiles

Crooked teeth are most difficult to brush and floss, increasing the chances of plaque and bacteria buildup. Unprepared grown teeth can cause jaw problems like TMJ. Furthermore, crooked teeth can also lead to feeling self-conscious and hiding your smile in society, in front of friends and relatives.  One way to improve your children’s confidence is to improve their smile.

Get a Regular Dental Checkup

Even for the most diligent of brushers, visiting a professional orthodontist dentist twice a year for a dental checkup is important. One important reason behind that is that you may be regularly missing small areas of your mouth nearby your gums when you brush. This can lead to plaque forming. It can’t be handled quickly; it will turn to tartar. Tartar can be painful and costly oral damage such as gum disease. When you visit for a dental checkup, your teeth will be cleaned of all plaque and tartar by using the latest technologies. Moreover, when you visit the dentist you will receive an x-ray examination to address any underlying bone or fracture issues.

Avoid Sugary Snacks

Are you the one in your family or anyone that does all the grocery shopping? If so, avoid purchasing sugary items to protect you and your family against tooth decay. Foods that contain sugar can also lead to gum disease and later on can convert into a cavity which can lead to tooth loss. Once gum disease starts, it can worsen if untreated. 

Address Existing Dental Issues Immediately

Although you may think it’s okay to wait until your next checkup to get it addressed, it can create a serious issue during these days. For instance, a loose tooth can be a red signal of gingivitis. Without proper treatment, the infection in your gums could spread and cause further deterioration of your jaw.

Final Thoughts

Have a family full of happy healthy smiles by following these dental improvements and regularly visiting the best dentist in your area.

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